With a whole bunch of things on my plate on Monday, it slipped my mind to keep an eye on the top commentators list for the month of June. I usually make sure that I’m around to see who is topping the list when the clock strikes midnight, but that simply did not happen on Monday night. Thankfully, I was able to use the cache function in Google the next morning to at least grab a snapshot of what the blog looked like on June 30.

The cache was displaying Beyond the Rhetoric as of the morning of the 30th, so it was just a matter of logging into the WordPress Dashboard and looking into any new comments that were posted on that day. It’s a good thing that I took this extra step, because it did affect how the overall rankings panned themselves out. As you can probably imagine, the list of top commentators for June 2008 contains a lot of familiar faces.

Who Are the Top Commentators for June 2008?

Sitting atop the list yet again is Jorge. He was sitting in second place for a while there, but with a huge surge on the very last day, Jorge trudged ahead to grab the number one spot with a total of 41 comments. That’s nearly twice as many as he posted in May and four times as many as April! To top it all off, Jorge still manages to find time to find amazing and funny videos.

Coming in at number two is Nick, the same guy that won the Market Leverage contest from John Chow. The RomanDock.com blogger posted 38 comments in the month of June. Who’s the man behind the blog? Nick comes forward with 8 random facts about him, just so that you can get to know him better. Did you know that he is a Rubik’s Cube pro?

Betshopboy nabs the third spot for June with 17 comments. It seems that he is a huge soccer (football) nut and was following the Euro 2008 tournament religiously. Along the way, Betshopboy posted some nice articles covering the beautiful game, including one that applauded the Spaniards. Viva La Espana!

Well, it’s not completely true that Betshopboy has third place all to himself, because Paulette also had 17 comments. I guess you could say that they tied, but because of the alphabetical arrangement of the top commentators list, it appeared that Paulette was fourth. Maybe to celebrate another appearance on a top commentators list, she should do a little dance to Hard Candy by Madonna.

Sneaking into the fifth and final spot for June 2008 was Derek Semmler. The guy with the killer commute still managed to put up 16 comments on this blog last month. If you want to know how to add an AdSense block above your first post, you’ll want to hop on over to the recent tutorial posted on Derek’s blog.

Thanks again to everyone who contributes to this blog. Without the commentators, I’d be screaming into a vacuum. Here’s to a healthy and fruitful July!