For the last three months, I’ve combined my weekly What’s Up Wednesdays speedlink with the post that I normally do to reward the top commentators of each month. This system seems to work pretty well and if it ain’t broke, I ain’t going to fix it.

As appears to be the norm around these parts, the top commentators for the month of May 2008 consist largely of some familiar faces, but it’s good to see a couple of newer entries in there as well. The top commentator for May 2008 also twice as many comments as April’s top commentator. Growth is a good thing. Let’s keep the discussion going.

Beyond the Rhetoric - Top Commentators - May 2008

Sitting atop the list for May 2008 is comment superstar Jorge. Over on his own blog, Jorge recently gave a step-by-step guide to increase AdSense profits. The article isn’t in English, but Jorge offers a handy link for translation purposes.

In second place is Matthew Bean from Conservatives and Normals. While you could hop over to his site to find out what really grinds his gears, it might be better to find out why he named his blog the way he did in the first place.

Running in at third for comments in May was Singapore’s own Betshopboy, the same guy who happened to win the best comment contest. This old chap seems to be feeling game-y lately, posting about the UEFA Champions League and a giant controller.

Lucky number four goes to Stephen Fung. Unlike the much more famous person of the same name, this particular Stephen Fung is a bit of a sick and demented individual. While the rest of us love Mortal Kombat fatalities, Stephen prefers the most disturbing finishing move ever. What is wrong with Shao Khan?

Sneaking into the fifth and final spot for May is Paulette, who managed to put in a last minute push to make the list. Quite the music aficionado, Paulette’s collection includes everyone from Bizzy Bone to Tim Mcgraw. Talk about eclectic!