Earlier this month, I did a freelance Q&A session for an edition of What’s Up Wednesdays. Readers could send me any questions that they had about the freelance writing business and I tried to answer them to the best of my ability. Naturally, I don’t write in a vacuum and I draw inspiration from other freelancers. Here are a few posts from others in the ‘biz that may prove interesting to you.

Bob Younce has a rather major freelancing confession to make. As it turns out, he was once a work-at-home mom. Writing for parenting and pregnancy websites as a Jewish woman from Atlanta is a little easier than, well, writing as anyone from the male gender. Have you branded yourself into a corner?

Chris Bibey realizes that there is a lot to track when you run a freelance business and that’s why organization is essential. Chris keeps track of invoices and other matters both electronically and on paper, just in case. What do you do to stay organized?

Sharon Hurley Hall has managed to make quite the name for herself both in the blogosphere and in the world of freelance writing. Part of this success can be attributed to her dedication to self-promotion. Who is going to toot your own horn quite as loud as you?

James Chartrand sees that freelancers are still trading hours for dollars, so he’s working to achieve freedom from freelancing. How can you separate yourself from your brand? What about passive income?

Daily Writing Tips wonders how short can you go when it comes to writing a short story. Strictly speaking, a short story is anything shorter than a novel. DWT challenges its readers to write a complete story in under 100 words. Can you create a compelling narrative under such a restriction?