Even though we have all these modern conveniences that are supposed to save us time, many of us face the challenge of not enough hours in the day syndrome. In an effort to try and accomplish everything that we possibly can, we may enlist strategies like waking up earlier or multitasking, but in the end, it can still be incredibly difficult to keep your focus all day long. It can be pretty exhausting.

Your brain is like any other muscle. It needs nourishment and exercise. To keep healthy, you may take multivitamins and go to the gym on the regular basis, but the old noggin deserves the same amenities, does it not? You give your brain a workout by running a blog, coming up with creative posts each day to share with the rest of the blogosphere. You can exercise that brain by watching Jeopardy! and seeing how well you’d be able to compete against the contestants. But what about the nourishment side of things?

The herbal supplement and natural remedy industry is huge. Even if you wanted to give some these supplements a try, they can be quite pricey. So, I came across this offer for a free trial. They say that Procera is supposed to “eliminate brain fog, mental fatigue and forgetfullness.” I can’t speak for its effectiveness, but considering that it’s a free trial, you don’t really have that much to lose. It’s said to be a “clinically-tested safe and effective natural daily supplement.”

Procera is probably more effective than using caffeine to find clarity. I find that when I load up on coffee or soda pop, I just get jittery. The natural supplement route is probably a little more stable.

The free trial provides you with enough Procera for 14 days. The only cost to you is the $9.95 in shipping and handling. The offer is only open to the United States and Canada, so international Beyond the Rhetoric readers are a little out of luck.