Dot com lifestyle - Working anywhere with a computer and a web connection

For this edition of What’s Up Wednesdays, we take a look at the dot com lifestyle of some of the Internet’s favorite online entrepreneurs.

Some of them explain how they got there, others explain how they would define the dot com lifestyle. For me, the biggest appeal to the dot com lifestyle is the relative freedom to embark on excursions like the Telus World Ski & Snowboard Festival. It’s not really about making loads of money. It’s more about the relative “time freedom” that is afforded by working at home and not being bound to conventional working hours.

Any discussion of the dot com lifestyle would not be complete without mentioning the self proclaimed root of all evil, John Chow. He posted up a video a while back that clearly illustrates the dot com lifestyle and what it entails. Family always comes first.

Although he may complain that Pittsburgh can be pretty boring at times, Bob Buskirk is glad that he doesn’t suffer through the limitations of a regular 9-to-5 job. He loves living the dot com lifestyle and he can’t imagine (or doesn’t want to imagine) living any other way.

In order to better pursue his online ventures, Shawn Knight actually dropped out of school! He figured that there was no point in completing a degree that he would never use anyways and it was the best dot com decision he ever made. His bank account probably agrees.

Living the dot com lifestyle is not restricted to North America and technology websites. Nick Ramsay is currently enjoying the dot com lifestyle in Japan with his wife and young child Rikuto. He still has a part-time “job”, but he spends much more time on his online quest for success.

The beauty of making money online is that you can run your business anywhere you have an Internet connection. Yaro Starak is living that dream, hopping around on the globe while still raking in the dough. His most recent stop was right here, wandering in Vancouver. He has since moved on to Toronto.

Are you living the dot com lifestyle? Let’s hear how you got there and how you intend on maintaining that lifestyle through the comment form below.