Fat Man Unleashed T-Shirt

There are certainly incentives to getting out there, promoting your blog, and networking with other like-minded individuals. This could be in the form of Twitter conversations, getting together with local bloggers for a bowl of noodles, or just interacting with the rest of the blogosphere in general.

Along the way, you can meet a lot of great people and sometimes, just sometimes, you can end up with some pretty awesome stuff for free too! And you can’t beat the price of free.

The other day, I got a package in the mail from Israel Lagares of Fat Man Unleashed. I was following Israel on Twitter when he sent out a message asking if anyone wanted a free t-shirt. Far be for me to turn down a no-strings-attached offer like that, I gave him my mailing address and the t-shirt arrived a few days later. The fitness blog shirt is great quality and I’m totally digging the logo. It’s a brain with muscles! Check out the size of those pythons!

BIC Promo Pens

You may have seen the post on John’s blog the other day about how Tejpal from BIC Promo Pens was nice enough to provide him with a set of free promotional pens. John wasn’t the only one to get a free pack of pens; the entire Dot Com Pho crew got a bag filled with promotional pens and highlighters. I hear that he could be providing us with complementary Dot Com Pho pens too. Thanks Tej! You rock!

This goes to show you that even if you’re not willing to plunk down the money for some official advertising on this blog, you might get a shout-out or two if you just send me some free stuff. Use the contact form to get my mailing address. I wonder what I’ll get next…