Far be it for me to say that I lead a dot com lifestyle, but I will admit that there are certain freedoms associated with being a freelance writer. Looking outside the window earlier today, I saw that it was a beautiful day outside and it would probably be a good idea to give this poor brain a well-deserved break. Coffee and a newspaper seemed like a good idea.

My neighbourhood is surrounded by all sorts of coffee bars, so I just picked one, grabbed my Americano, and sat down to read a copy of one of the local free newspapers. Flipping through the pages of 24 Hours, I read stories on a missing monkey, a young hero, and something about Jessica Simpson getting engaged to Tony Romo. And then I came across the technology column by Buzz Bishop. The main part of the article talked about Facebook, privacy concerns, and prospective employers, but the sidebar had a few notable mentions.

What do John Chow, Rebecca Bollwitt, and a bum have in common?

You can click on the above image to get a much higher-res picture.

If you’ve ever wondered what Rebecca Bollwitt (who you may know better as Miss604), John Chow, and a voluptuous rear end have in common, wonder no longer. All three were featured in Buzz Bishop’s column. Buzz hit on the recent WordPress Camp and how it was live-blogged by Rebecca, the disappointing sub-$30k performance by John Chow dot Com last month, and Mostly Lisa‘s quest to sell advertising on her butt for $100,000. I wonder if that’s for the whole bum or if that’s per cheek.

It’s perfectly possible that the inspiration for these mentions came from Twitter (don’t forget to follow me), seeing how all of the above individuals have rather active Twitter accounts. These may have been just minor mentions in a local paper, but I’m sure they all appreciate the mainstream exposure.