Gelaskins for Nintendo DS Lite

Whereas my Sony PSP is quickly collecting dust in the corner, my Nintendo DS still gets a fair bit of play in between sessions of Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It may not have the same graphical process as the PSP, but it just seems like I have more fun playing on my Nintendo DS.

It’s expected that a portable video game machine, like a cell phone or any other portable device, will go through the usual wear and tear. Thankfully, I invested in a cheap airform case from eBay shortly after I purchased the Nintendo DS and this has done a great job of protecting my touchscreen game machine from most of the daily abuse. The trouble with the airform case is that it effectively offers no protection when I actually want to play some games. What about then? How am I supposed to protect the DS from scratches and damage?

A couple of my friends decided to take the route of a silicone skin that wraps around the outside of the DS Lite, but I don’t like the rubbery feel of the skin when I’m battling the foot soldiers in TMNT or racing my way through Mario Kart DS. Well, it seems like Gelaskins is coming to the rescue.

Gelaskins already produces a series of artistic skins for electronics and they recently expanded this selection into the realm of the Nintendo DS Lite. Visiting their website, you’ll find that they have over 50 different designs for the DS Lite. The skins are essentially 3M stickers with some funky designs printed on them. Gelaskins was nice enough to provide me with a sample and that’s what is pictured here: Red Robot by ExplodingDog.

From what I can tell, these Gelaskins protective skins for the DS Lite are more about fashion than function — some of the designs are pretty expressive — but they will be enough to protect your DS from the occasional scratch or scrape. Just don’t expect the thin sticker to do much if your happen to drop your DS Lite off the table or into the toilet.

Peep the vid below to get a better sense of what you can expect from Gelaskins. Each set of four skins for the Nintendo DS Lite costs $19.99. And yes, thats a DS-Xtreme cart that you see.