John Chow taunted at the dollar store by three flashing pandas

If this isn’t one of the best ways to spend a dollar, I don’t know what is.

John Chow has quickly become one of the most famous dot com moguls on the Internet, making money online by telling people how much money he makes online. Along the way, we’ve learned that he is not only the self-proclaimed root of all evil, but he also has a sore spot for pandas. You may have heard the famed story of a rock fight in China wherein he reportedly killed a family of baby pandas. Well, it seems like the animal kingdom has come back for its revenge.

Yes, John Chow has stabbed pandas in the past, but the bamboo-eating mammals of the Far East are willing to respond with a stroke of comedy. They don’t want to throw rocks back anymore. They want to mock John Chow.

Pictured above (and below) are figurines that I found at the local dollar store. Each ceramic (?) panda statue is showing John Chow exactly what it thinks of the so-called root of all evil. The placement of the tail (I hope it’s a tail) is particularly telling. It’s as if they are exclaiming, “Na na na na na na. You can’t get me!” Maybe it’s “Neener neener neener!” I’m not sure.

The photos were taken with a Samsung FlipShot from Verizon Wireless. You can click on either image to get the full-sized picture (2048 x 1536 pixels). The Samsung FlipShot is equipped with a 3.0 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash. A full review of the phone will be appearing on Mobile Magazine later this week.

UPDATE (04/30/08): The Samsung FlipShot review has been posted.

Dollar Store Panda Flashes John Chow