Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival - Stephen Fung Rides a Mechanical Bull Razor

On our second day at the Telus World Ski & Snowboard Festival, Stephen Fung volunteered to be a guinea pig for our amusement. He was prepared to take some serious abuse, so we told him that he had to ride the Schick razor. Basically, they took the idea of a mechanical bull, but replaced the cow with a giant razor. It bucks back and forth, spins around, and tries to throw you off. Riders are only allowed to use one hand to hang on for dear life.

And there was a little something on the line. John Chow took the plunge and rode the razer on day one. You may have seen the video on his blog (the razor is near the end) and let’s just say that he had a rather pathetic performance. Stephen was absolutely positive that he would be able to do better than the root of all evil. How hard could it be?

In the video embedded below, you can watch as Stephen Fung signs his life away, straps on a helmet, and then hops onto a giant bucking razor. He hung on as if his life depended on it… or maybe just his ego. Whatever the case, he thought he was prepared for what was about to happen. Do you think he can outdo John Chow?

In Stephen’s defence, John did cheat a little by using his second hand on the back of the razor. It’s hard to say how much of a difference that made. For the next video, we see if Stephen can survive extreme weather conditions. Look for that to get posted in the next day or two.