Whistler Blackcomb - Jumping off a cliff

Well, sort of. Thanks to the power of the time stamp, I’m able to publish this blog post while I am enroute to Whistler, the absolute best ski resort in North America and home to the alpine events as part of the 2010 Winter Olympics. The purpose of this trip is to the attend the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival, which marks the end of the season with 10 days of competitions, music, and probably some inebriation.

Although the festival lasts for a week and a half, I’ll only be there for the weekend, alongside several members of the Dot Com Pho crew. Stephen Fung has managed to hook some of us up with press passes to cover the events as part of the FutureLooks team. For those of you wondering, the panda killer will be in attendance as well, probably with his new favorite toy.

Checking out the official page, it sounds like we should be able to attend the outdoor concerts of bands like illScarlett, Ravidrums, and the John Butler Trio. Beyond the music, there are also several arts events — Mascot Mayhem, Pro Photographer Showdown, and Whistler Dogfest, among others — as well as some crazy ski and snowboard comps. The Big Air competition sounds particularly awesome.

Ironically, I haven’t been snowboarding since around 2003 or so, and I haven’t been to Whistler since 2001. Chances are that Whistler Village has changed quite a bit since then. Should be fun. I will be there with my digital camera, so expect some pictures and/or videos to get posted in the next few days. Have a good weekend! I know I will.

UPDATE (4/11/08 @ 7:56pm): In case you’re not following me on Twitter, here’s a note to say that we’ve more or less settled in here at Whistler. Unfortunately, we’ve discovered that our room does not have free Wi-Fi access as promised. Strangely, John Chow, who is literally staying in the suite next door, does have free Internet access in his room. Looks like we might be live-blogging from John’s room for the next couple of days.