No, this post has nothing to do with the unforgettable Seinfeld episode. Instead, I’m taking a look at another way that you can earn a living online. Beyond the Rhetoric tends to focus on blogging and freelance writing, but there are several other strategies that you can take to make money online. If you’ve ever wanted to be your own boss, but you could never convince yourself to invest a huge amount of capital, an online business might be the way to go.

Some people try arbitrage and others may attempt to cash in on affiliate marketing, but have you ever considered running your own domain registration and web hosting company? The Domain59 reseller program can get you started with a fairly minimal investment.

Wanna Be a Dot Com Mogul?

Ah, the life of a dot com mogul. You can work when you to, where you want to. That’s the kind of lifestyle that could be waiting for you when it comes to running an online business. As blogging and website ownership become more popular (and affordable), more people are going to want a website of their own. The two necessary components for this are domain registration and web hosting.


The reseller program offered by Domain59 essentially puts you in charge of a website that sells these two crucial elements. The basic reseller plan, which I will further differentiate from the pro reseller plan in a second, costs sixty bucks a year. Depending on where you go, this can actually be less than how much you are already paying for basic hosting for your personal blog. In this way, reselling domains and web hosting is very approachable. The best part is that it can be mostly passive income.

Getting Down with GoDaddy

If you think that the Domain59 system looks familiar, you’re absolutely right. That’s because it is really just the GoDaddy reseller program. I think that they should have done something to further differentiate themselves, perhaps with some better branding. As it stands, Domain59 seems pretty generic.

Domain59 resellers are offering customers the exact same products as GoDaddy. The keys to your potential success with Domain59, then, are getting the traffic and setting your prices appropriately. Set them too low and you’ll make minimum profit. Set them too high and you won’t get any customers. Just like Goldilocks and her porridge, prices have just be juuuuust right.

These affordable domain registration prices hit the sweet spot quite well. A .com domain sells for just $7.49, whereas the same domain would cost $9.99 through GoDaddy. The reseller nets a profit of just under a dollar with that single purchase.

Basic vs. Pro

There are two reseller plans available. In terms of features and what you are able to sell, there does not appear to be any difference between the two other than the extra $100 you have to fork out each year.


Both come with a pre-built, fully customizable web site that is hosted on their own data center. Both let you set your own prices and don’t require any deposits, advances, or revenue sharing. Both completely handle the billing and customer support on your behalf. Why, then, would someone be at all interested in a Pro Reseller plan?

The difference is that the buy rates for those with the basic reseller plan and those with the pro reseller plan are not the same. For example, the rate for hosting is $3.15 with the pro plan, whereas it is $3.35 with the basic plan. SSL certificates are $1.50 more with the basic plan than they are with the pro plan. This directly affects your profit margin. Whether you choose to go with the basic or the pro plan will depend on your level of volume. Shown here are the buy rates for the pro reseller plan compared with some competing reseller programs.


Make Money Online with Domain59

There are just as many ways to make money online as there are to make money offline. Working as a reseller of domain registrations, web hosting, SSL certificates, and other related products through Domain59 is one avenue that may be worth exploring, especially since your initial investment can be as low as just $59.99 for a year, including everything that you’ll need to get started. Heck, they even throw in some credit for use with Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter (more credit with the pro plan).

Remember that impossible is nothing. If you set your mind to it, you can totally make a decent income online. Selling domain registrations and web hosting plans through the Domain59 reseller program might be worth a try if the professional blogging thing isn’t going so well.