C’mon, you know you want to.

I’ve said many times before that you shouldn’t let the haters get you down, but I never thought that someone would resort to physical violence against me for my freelance writing and expert reviewing skills. All kidding aside, Betshopboy has decided to feature yours truly in a Flash-based video game. And it’s a first-person shooter… sort of.

The timing of the Halloween-themed shooting game is a little off, but it’s still loads of fun. My face pops out from a number of different graves and then you must whip out your shotgun and blow my bloody brains out. Although there are some cartoony guts flying in every which direction, this Flash game is not nearly as graphic as Halo 3. Getting shot in the virtual face might be a little less painful than getting kicked in the chest and falling down a bottomless pit.

For more snazzy games featuring a blogger you may know, go ahead and play the fame game at Betshopboy’s blog. You can even make some linkbait custom games of your own while you’re at it.