Some of you may have noticed that a certain feature is now missing from Beyond the Rhetoric. I implemented the MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad back in January in an effort to increase the number of RSS subscribers. Because it is capable of carrying a rotation of different links, I tried using the stripe ad to highlight popular posts, draw attention to advertising on BTR, and to promote affiliate deals too.

The thinking was that the stripe ad could provide an extra venue where I could highlight some links without having to take up any pre-existing real estate on this blog. Unfortunately, it seems that the WordPress plug-in hasn’t been quite as effective as I had hoped.

As far as I can tell, the subscriber count on Beyond the Rhetoric did not increase as a result of link at the top and was much better served by the recent video game contest. I didn’t see any additional affiliate income nor was there any major change in page views for the post I highlighted in the Stripe Ad: How to Write a Killer Review. All in all, it’s pretty much been a flop.

Do I regret implementing the MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad? No, not particularly. I decided from the beginning that it was going to be experiment and there was really nothing invested in this case study. Without experimentation and trying new things, we can never learn.

Now, I shouldn’t say that this particular plug-in is of no use, because it seems to be doing just fine on John Chow dot Com and a variation is still being used on Joystiq, Autoblog, and other popular sites. For this reason, I think that it may be best implemented on blogs with much higher levels of traffic.

Do you use the MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad WordPress plug-in? What do you use it for? Has it been effective for you?