There are a few things that I wanted to talk about today, but I didn’t feel like writing up individual blog posts for each of them. Instead, I’m going to offer you guys a combo pack with three very different topics. Nothing like a quick mash-up to cap off a reasonably relaxing weekend.

First up, I read in the newspaper that Wally’s Burgers is closing for good. For those of you who are not from the Vancouver area, Wally’s Burgers is was a popular burger joint for the last fifty years. It harkens back to an age with drive-ins and bright neon signs. I’ve been to Wally’s a couple of times, enjoying their Chuck Wagon and other beefy burgers, so it’s a little sad to see it go. The current owner is not renewing his lease — rent and taxes are $6,500 a month — because it’s no longer financially viable to do so. Maybe it would be a good idea to relocate dot com pho one week to Wally’s before the place shuts down at the end of this month.

You may have heard about the Next Internet Millionaire. Well, a similar concept is being conjured up for the Top Affiliate Challenge. It’s going to be an online game show with a similar format to The Apprentice, except it’s catering specifically to affiliate marketing. The 12 contestants will be broken up into three teams, each of which is headed by a top affiliate coach. I hear that Shoemoney and a certain panda killer could be involved. Maybe I should enter; the worst case scenario is an all-expense paid trip to Nebraska.

Ending on a very light note, you may have been following the Street Fighter: The Later Years saga on College Humor. While I’d normally blog about this on my fighting games blog, I thought it’d be nice to re-introduce the series to Beyond the Rhetoric readers. That’s because part 9, the final episode, has now been posted. The conclusion isn’t as epic as I would have hoped, but I still think The Later Years will be better than the upcoming Kristen Kreuk project. Anyways, here’s part 9 of Street Fighter: The Later Years. Enjoy!