That’s right, it’s hump day already. It feels like just yesterday that I was hanging out with Fata1ity in Las Vegas. As I slowly adjust back to a regular schedule, you can feel free to join me as I take yet another tour of the blogosphere.

Kevan Gilbert probably doesn’t update his blog as often as he should, but when he does, he can come up with some gems. One of the sleeper hits over the holiday season was Juno and Kevan gives his impressions on the somewhat quirky indie movie. He says the most questionable moment was the “abundance of Napoleon Dynamite-isms.” Do you agree?

Martin Reed of CommunitySpark describes the easy way to decide of Adsense is right for you. For a while there, it looked like Google’s advertising network was the be-all and end-all of blog monetization, but with the proliferation of so many other options, you’re no longer restricted to Adsense.

John Chow talks a lot about how to make money online, but he also knows that life is not full of guarantees. You might not win, but it could be fun to participate in the $500 Kontera video testimonial contest. Do you run Kontera ContentLink ads on your site? Put up a vid and you could win 500 smackeroos.

Chris Bibey is a freelance writer that I respect highly, so when he dishes out advice on meeting every freelance writing deadline, I’m all ears. If you find yourself balancing too many projects at a time, these tips may help you keep every customer happy, while ensuring that you rake in all the dough too.

Matt’s Blog may only have 16 subscribers, but it has reached a milestone that many blogs fail to attain. The blog has just celebrated its first birthday. Alright Matt, that’s one year down and how many to go? Keep up the good work.