Don’t get me wrong. I had a lot of fun at CES 2008, despite having the monorail shut down on me. Even so, I never thought it would take at least a couple of days for me to recover from the trip to Las Vegas, especially considering that Sin City is in the same time zone as Vancouver.

A little over a month ago, I came back from my trip through Tokyo, Beijing, and Hong Kong. Understandably, it took me a fair bit of time to recover from the jet lag, because those locations are about a 16-hour difference from Vancouver. My sleep schedule was severely affected, so I caught myself sleeping until dinnertime and waking up at the oddest of hours.

It sounds ironic or funny, really, that I am experiencing almost the same thing upon returning from Las Vegas. It’s not because of the travel, per se, or a time zone difference. Instead, it’s because it was freaking Las Vegas and I would stay up until four in the morning, partying, drinking, and playing poker into the wee hours of the morning. I’d have to wake up early the next morning to attend meetings with the various CES vendors, checking out the booth babes and watching Fata1ity frag some average gamer’s ass.

The plan was to use yesterday and today to catch up on the writing work that I should have been doing at CES, but that plan pretty went into shambles. Part of this has to do with the lack of sleep during the past week, but another part is that I happened to buy Rock Band for the PS3 on Saturday… tack on the NFL playoffs, and you can see how the motivation to work has been pretty elusive.

Is this jet lag or simply the time needed to adjust back to regular life? Whatever the case, I think everyone coming back from Las Vegas goes through this. I guess it’ll be back to work tonight, after the Cowboys-Giants game comes to a conclusion.