No, that’s not a PhotoShop. I’m dead tired from my week in Las Vegas for CES 2008, so I’m going to keep this post nice and brief. Chances are that I’ll come back with a few other posts about my first time at the Consumer Electronics Show, but for now, here are a smattering of pictures from my trip.

The photo above was taken at the Sony Online Entertainment Poker Tournament at the Hard Rock Hotel. All attendees received gift bags and inside were a t-shirt and a copy of Pirates of the Burning Sea, one of the company’s newest MMORPGs. Near the centre is Johnathan Wendel, better known to most gaming geeks as Fata1ity. He was the runner-up in the tourney. Along the way, I also had the chance to meet Slash from Guns N’ Roses, as well as rapper Frankie J. Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of those two.

On with the rest of the pics…

Me at the CES Kick-Off Party

Greg Morgan and Danny Chang enroute to Las Vegas.

John Chow at the Pepcom Digital Experience

The UNLV Cheerleaders at the Tiger Direct PC Race

The booth babes at Creative (where Fata1ity also happened to be)

More to come…