I’m in Las Vegas this week for the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s been ridiculously busy and I barely have any time for myself to mindlessly wander the show floor, but all the free booze and food at the parties make it all worth it. I’d like to get in more details — which I will in a future post — but for now, check out a couple of videos we took.

In the first video, Stephen Fung and I get stranded at the Las Vegas Convention Center, because the monorail decided to stop operating on us. We already paid for the ticket and waited at the station for over 20 minutes. After approaching the customer service booth, they said that they would not offer a refund! She just told us to call the number on the back. What’s up with that?

In the second video, we see the Tiger Direct Build Your Own PC for Charity Race. There were 30 competitors in all, building an expensive computer (I think they said it was valued at $3500) for the charity of their choice. It is a race, so the first person to finish wins. Watch the vid to find out who won. On a side note, Tiger Direct announced that they have come to an agreement wherein they will buy CompUSA and all of their retail stores. All Tiger Direct retail outlets will be rebranded as CompUSA, and the CompUSA website will be powered by the Tiger Direct website engine, just with CompUSA branding.

Check back later for more pics and vids from CES 2008.