After posting the Dine Out Vancouver 2008 list of restaurants on Friday, some of you may be wondering where I have decided to go for this year’s food festival. There are certainly some tantalizing options out there, but I just don’t have the time to visit them all, nor do I want to break the bank eating foie gras every night. I’m not usually one to complain about too much fat or too much meat, but I could easily suffer from both if I indulged in two weeks straight of fine dining.

At this point, Susanne and I have made four reservations and we might add one or two more if they happen to pique our interest. Originally, we made a reservation for Lumiere, because we were interested in how the restaurant was being run in its post-Rob Feenie state. We booked the spot through OpenTable, an online reservation service, only to get a phone call the next day saying that Lumiere wasn’t supposed to be listed on OpenTable. Our booking was for a 7pm dinner in the middle of the week, but by the time they called, the only spots remaining were at 5:15pm and 9:30pm. Because of work, Susanne wouldn’t be able to make the 5:15pm, and a 9:30pm dinner would last until midnight. Aw shucks.

In making the restaurant reservations, we wanted to avoid places where we had been before. The whole point of Dine Out Vancouver is that you get to try restaurants that you may not have otherwise tried. It was only because of Dine Out Vancouver that I discovered The William Tell Restaurant last year. It was also my first experience with Swiss fine dining.

So, where are we going this year? We’ve made reservations for:
    – FigMint Restaurant and Lounge
    – Coast Restaurant
    – Sip Resto-Lounge
    – Nu Restaurant and Lounge

What can I say? I seem to like places that are restaurants and lounges. You can probably expect reviews of all four eateries at some point. I’ll be sure to take pictures, so you might want to set up a drool guard for your computer keyboard now.