It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone, but I guess as you get older, time passes by a lot more quickly. I remember back in my high school days, the two months of summer vacation each year seemed like they lasted forever. These days, a whole year can go by in a blink of an eye. It feels like just yesterday that I had my first dot com pho with a certain root of all evil, and now I’m apparently known as some sort of expert reviewer through my work and affiliation with him.

2007 was a huge year for my freelance writing business and for Beyond the Rhetoric, and the latter simply would not be possible without the help of all the people coming by to visit the blog. The comment count went down quite a bit in December and I attribute that mostly to people spending time with their families and getting in some last minute gift shopping. That doesn’t mean that this blog was completely dead and I thank the following five folks who sit on top of the commentators list for December 2007.

   1. Stephen Fung – The man behind FutureLooks has become a regular around these parts, soaring to the top for December.

   2. Leo Chiang – This stunt actor and film professional is perhaps best known as the tattooed pilot from Battlestar Galactica and it gets him all the ladies.

   3. Watch Funny Videos – New to the Beyond the Rhetoric community (as far as I can tell), the person behind loves nothing more than to tickle your funny bone… through videos. Yeah!

   4. Etienne Teo – This dot com mogul in the making may be on the other side of the Earth from me, but he’s become one of BTR’s most loyal readers. Thanks Etienne!

   5. Jorge – I don’t recall seeing Jorge’s name around these parts until recently, so it’s great to see that I’m still managing to attract new readers. I’d tell you what his blog is about, but it’s not in English!

So, those are the top five for December 2007. Will you make the list for January 2008? It looks like Matt and Nick are off to an early start.