While talking about Boxing Day yesterday, it totally slipped my mind that it was also a Wednesday. How forgetful of me. I’ve only done this once before, so I guess my track record is still pretty good. In any case, you would think that with the holidays this week, very few bloggers would be updating their sites as often as they normally would. This doesn’t mean that we were left with a complete lack of content though!

In the spirit of giving, here are five great bloggers with five great posts. Maybe you’ll feel a little festive after reading these.

Super Affiliate Zac Johnson already has more money than he knows what to do with — he apparently throws away all of his clothes while on vacation — but it could be because he’s always on the hunt for new ways to rake in the dough. While the rest of us try to figure out Adsense and TTZ Media, Zac has figured out how to make money selling concert tickets. He recently sold a couple of Hannah Montana tickets through StubHub.com, a ticket-flipping site with an affiliate program.

Chris Bibey has probably been in the freelance writing game a little longer than I have, but it’s great that we have mutual respect for one another and what we do. One of the questions that many people ask before taking the plunge into self-employment is, “What is a full-time freelance writing income?” In the end, Chris concludes that “you are the only one who knows how much money you need to make.” The beauty of freelancing is that you can (almost) make as much as you want; the catch is you have to work for it.

PureBlogging describes how men and women blog differently. It’s pretty easy to push stereotypes here, but you have to admit that stereotypes have to have started somewhere. Do you find that reading blogs written by men and women are different? Us masculine types are from Mars, after all.

Bob Buskirk will be going to Las Vegas next month and he couldn’t be more excited about meeting the Michael Kwan. It’s going to be the highlight of his trip, surely, but I’m sure Bob will still find time to attend a few CES press events. From Digital Experience to ShowStoppers, CES attendees can’t afford to miss these events (or the free swag that accompanies them).

Ending on a festive note, be sure to check out the blog of Ms. Danielle because she has listed her top 5 favorite Christmas animations. I may be in the mid-20s, but I’m still known to get a little nostalgic with cartoons now and then. I’m a little surprised that Mr. Hankey from South Park fame didn’t make Danielle’s list. Maybe she’s not one for toilet humor. Hiiiiiiidey ho!