Remember how I said the best time to write a blog post is after dinner? Well, I haven’t really been doing that lately, nor have I been making extensive use of the timestamp feature. Instead, the majority of my recent posts are done via live blogging, simply because I’m pooped by the end of the day and I don’t have the energy to timestamp tomorrow’s post in advance.

I really ought to catch up with myself. Maybe it’s some combination of seasonal affective disorder and grief that’s holding me back. Take this speedlinking post, for example. It’s totally live-blogged and a bit on the rushed side. At least I’m relying on others for inspiration today because it’s What’s Up Wednesdays! Let’s see what they’re saying…

Darren Rowse, who most people simply refer to as Problogger, always stays on top of how to make money online, so he’s among the first to mention yet another new Adsense unit. This one is more interactive and looks like a shopping ad, rather than the typical image or text ads that Google usually serves. It’s almost like Google is trying to compete against TTZ Media or something.

The big movie release over the weekend was I Am Legend, a movie that Ed Lau recently reviewed. Although Ed only gave Will Smith’s latest effort a mere 7.5 out of 10, I Am Legend far outperformed early estimates. In fact, they’re saying that I Am Legend raked in over $73 million in domestic receipts. Keeping with this pace, I Am Legend will become the 7th consecutive film featuring the Fresh Prince (of Bel-Air) to break $100 million.

i am legend - will smith - yeah, i’m tired too

The Thinkreferrals Blog Network is a great source for business information. I’ve been reading up on their real estate and mortgage posts lately, but one of the more recent entries approaches real estate in a slightly different way. Shelley Burlet discusses how neutral colors will help to sell your home. Pink and brown never looked so good?

Sharon Hurley Hall seems to run several sites on the web, one of which is Get Paid to Write Online. She is a fellow freelance writer, so we have many similar interests. It’s funny, really, because I just talked about guest blogging yesterday, discovering that Sharon has done the same on her blog, talking about how to promote yourself through guest blogging. I know that guest blogging at Chow’s site has done my career a world of good.

Last, but certainly not least, is our blogging buddy at Me and My Drum. In the spirit of the season, he has decided to rewrite a classic holiday tale, tossing in a definite blogger’s twist. May I introduce Twas the blog before Christmas. Adsense, StumbleUpon, and WordPress plug-ins all drop by for a visit.

Happy holidays everyone!