Some of you may remember meeting Roy the bunny the first time I introduced him on this blog. I documented his wry neck and showed you how I gave him his medicine. He recovered with no complications and I later managed to hypnotize my bunny too.

Roy has been a big part of my life for five years. While I do my freelance writing work from home, Roy serves as my companion, keeping me sane as I bash on the keyboard and stare at the computer screen. I know it’s going to sound cliche, but it’s absolutely true that Roy wasn’t “just a pet”; he was a part of the family. Roy is a part of the family.

Roy did not look well this morning at all. He was cold, completely lacking in energy, and breathing very slowly. I rushed him to the emergency vet hospital where they did what they could, but the doctor told me that the prognosis wasn’t good and I’d have to make a choice. It was hard, but after making the ultimate decision, I was told by the vet that I made the right choice. On an intellectual level, I guess I did, but it still hurts.

I’m going to miss you, Roy.

roy the bunny

I’d like to thank Dr. John Anderson and the rest of the staff at Anderson Animal Hospital for their help when Roy had wry neck (head tilt), and I’d like to thank Dr. Emily McEwen of Vancouver Animal Emergency Clinic for her care and compassion during Roy’s final hours.