ces show floor - Consumer Electronics Show - ces 2007

My background isn’t exactly in technology and making money online. In terms of formal education, I graduated from university with a degree in Psychology and English Literature. That said, it’s safe to say that I’m pretty heavily ensconced in a world surrounded iPods and flash drives these days, seeing how I cover that sort of stuff for Mobile Magazine and other websites. What’s interesting is that I’ve never really attended a related trade show other than the AMD and Microsoft event earlier this year. That’s about to change. I’m about to attend what is widely regarded as the world’s largest technology trade show.

I received an email from Stephen Fung a couple days ago, informing me that FutureLooks would like me to attend CES under their banner, covering the latest developments from a variety of manufacturers. Stephen has set up a series of individual meetings in addition to my random perusal of the trade show floor. For those of you who don’t know, CES — short for the Consumer Electronics Show — is an exhibition that takes place in Las Vegas each year. Everyone from Samsung to Sandisk makes an appearance, proudly displaying their latest and greatest. With a little luck, I should be coming home with all sorts of free stuff. This could prove to be fodder for future blog contests.

Many of the people in my circle — guys like Bob Buskirk and John Chow — are regular attendees of CES, so it’s not like I’ll be a total stranger there. It’ll be good to finally see some of these people in real life, as opposed to corresponding with them via instant messenger and email. Crashing a bunch of parties with open bars should be pretty fun as well.

Stephen has also informed me that I’ll be participating in a poker tournament hosted by Sony. Texas hold’em is one of my obsessions, so I’ll naturally have some serious fun at the tournament. It’s not quite the same as coming home with a WSOP bracelet, but saying that I placed “in the money” at a “major” Las Vegas poker tourney could be quite an accomplishment. Not that I should get ahead of myself.

Whatever the case, wish me luck and I’ll see you guys in Vegas!