I missed last week’s edition of What’s Up Wednesdays because I happened to traveling from Tokyo to Beijing at the time. Internet access was spotty at best, so I couldn’t keep up with the blogosphere the way that I normally would. Now that I’m in Hong Kong, free WiFi access is a little easier to come by, so I can actually do a proper speedlinking post.

To make for the lack of a post last Wednesday, today’s edition of What’s Up Wednesdays has been mildly upsized by a couple of extra mentions. I usually highlight four or five posts that caught my interest, but I’m going to point your attention toward seven posts. You know, because seven is such a lucky number.

PreBlogging is a blog about blogging, but unlike so many others, it’s not filled with expert opinions and high-end monetization methods. It’s more about the beginner blogger, so it’s only fitting that PreBlogging is a PR0 and proud of it. I’ve been slapped by Google myself, so I can totally understand the sentiment.

Nate Whitehill has totally exploded onto the scene with Unique Blog Designs, but his presence on the Internet expands far behind being an expert at creating some great WordPress layouts. Nate has finally joined Facebook, offering an extensive review of the social networking site. He says that it is vastly superior to MySpace, mentioning things like using Facebook as an application and discussing Facebook’s professional benefits.

The Daily Kimchi likes to eat. He really likes to eat and he’ll go out of his way to enjoy some rather interesting grub. Most recently, Gary Ng (the man behind TDK) went to Aberdeen Mall in Richmond, BC to check out Beard Papa’s, “one of the hottest franchises that have touched upon the shores of Vancouver. How good are these cream puffs anyways?

Bob Buskirk is a dot com mogul in his own right, so it’s about time that he set up a proper home office. Instead of two tables pushed together, Bob’s rocking a cool wraparound design that gives him better access to the window. Fresh air and a view sound pretty good to me.

Nick Ramsay has spent over 10 years in Japan, which is much longer than the 3 or 4 days I was there. During that time, he’s managed to learn a fair bit of Japanese. Learning the language is a lot easier today though, because Nick talks about learning Japanese online. Personally, I don’t know much beyond sushi and tempura.

Cash Quests doesn’t belong to Kumiko anymore, but the posts still seem to take on the same style of setting out very bold statements — literally, as in bold text — interspersed with some screenshots and other images. One of the most recent posts really illustrates this and it describes the two biggest secrets to making money online with a blog. The post is remarkably short.

Chris Bibey appeared as a guest blogger on Yaro Starak’s blog, describing how much you should sharge as a freelance writer. There are some hard figures in here to consider, but the take home message has more to do with the three tips that he offers.

Whew! How’s that for a super-sized post?