budweiser frog commercial

I’ve watched more than my fair share of television, which also means that I’ve been bombarded by all sorts of television commercials. From Bell Mobility’s Frank and Gordon to the old school “Like Mike” Gatorade ads, I’ve seen it all. Some campaigns have been better than others, but no advertising campaign has ever come close to being as epic, as funny, as monumental as the Budweiser frogs.

It started with the original TV commercial where three frogs each said one syllable. It started with Bud, continued with Weis, and ended with Er. The Budweiser frogs seemed so nonsensical, because we didn’t know that the amphibians had anything to do with the beer. The final message came out of left field, right at the end, and it stuck. They quickly introduced the Budweiser lizards (Louie the Lizard is absolutely priceless), before adding the ferret to the mix as well. I can’t think of a single advertising campaign that has stuck with me for so long. Each commercial added to the one that preceded it, almost like a soap opera or a serial drama. We could not wait until the next installment.

Budweiser clearly did their job and they did it well. Surfing through YouTube, I came across this incredible compilation, consisting of no fewer than 18 Budweiser critter commercials. My personal favorite starts at the 5:33 mark.

Are there any other ads (or ad campaigns) that you feel were particularly effective, especially with long-lasting value like the Budweiser frogs? I think not. Not even McDonald’s or Apple can top Budweiser.