michael kwan with three-spout pitcher at pho lan richmond

Do I really lead that sheltered of an existence? During one of my weekly dot com pho lunches with local bloggers and other internet entrepreneurs, I think I came across a water pitcher with three spouts for the first time.

When I displayed my mild state of shock to Ed Lau, he immediately pointed out my ignorance, utterly amazed at my level of amazement. He asked, and I paraphrase, “How is it possible that you have never seen a three-spout water pitcher? Have you been living under a rock this whole time?”

He then promptly whipped out his Apple iPhone to take the picture that you see above. Yes, I’m about as Chinese as it gets and that’s why my eyes disappear when I smile. OK, you can stop looking at my face now and start looking at the pitcher.

I can’t possibly be the only one who has never seen a pitcher with three spouts before. It’s a brilliant design, as you can surely tell, because the regular spout can be used for dispensing water, while the two side spouts can clunk out the ice. Stupendous. They didn’t even have these to accompany our $60 burgers.

Anyways, there you have it: a three-spout pitcher. One of mankind’s greatest achievements can be enjoyed next to a seven dollar bowl of Vietnamese noodles.