I guess today is video games day. Having already talked about Terminator 2: The Arcade Game, it’s time to hit up something a little more current. The Nintendo Wii has been a resounding success and despite being out for about a year now, the Wii is still pretty hard to find in stores. And then there are goofballs who have no idea how to use the Wii properly.

You probably heard stories some time back of people with sweaty palms and their uncanny ability to spontaneously toss their Wii Remote controllers into their TVs. As a result, Nintendo had to issue a pseudo-recall, distributing a series of upgraded Wi Remote wrist straps. These were tougher and less likely to snap under pressure. I guess people are still flinging their controllers into their TVs, because Nintendo has once again had to step in to distribute another free gift.

I just received my package of (free) Nintendo Wii Remote jackets in the mail. They’re basically silicone sleeves that fit over your Wii Remote, giving you a better (rubbery) grip on the controller. There’s also a huge cushion near the front to absorb any sort of impact the remote may endure. Apparently, these sleeves will be included with any new Wii console sold this holiday season. This has got to suck for people who actually paid for third-party Wii condoms, as the fake Stephen Fung likes to call them.

Anyways, here are a couple of hands-on videos with the new Wii Remote jackets. I don’t really like them myself, but I guess it’ll protect the controller against any sort of damage. In fact, if you drop your Wii Remote, it bounces like a rubber ball.

Order your Wii Remote jackets here.