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I Play Too Much Internet Reversi

November 6th, 2007 by
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internet reversi win - go

Hello. My name is Michael and I am addicted to Internet Reversi.

Well, maybe I’m not hooked to the simple board game, but I do find myself playing the game far too much. A few days ago, I talked about how you can increase productivity by taking well-deserved breaks and while I still fully endorse that philosophy, I must re-iterate the importance of these breaks being well-deserved. Burnout is a common issue for freelance writers and other work-at-home professionals, because there is no set working schedule and the lines between work and play become quite blurred. Self-imposed breaks can do wonders.

Honestly, while I believe that I work quite hard at what I do, I also believe that I am playing Internet Reversi (and Spider Solitaire) more often than what is healthy and more often that would help to increase productivity. These Windows-based games are incredibly accessible and offer instant gratification. There are no boot-up times to worry about and a game can be concluded in a few minutes. Contrast this with an extended session with a fighting game, and you can see how easy it is to get distracted with “mini-games” like Internet Reversi. It could also be a matter of a motivation deficit, distracting myself from paid work so that I can enjoy a simple puzzle game.

Internet Reversi is distracting and it detracts from productivity, especially when I should be focusing on creating some great articles for my clients. That’s not to say that the game is all bad; it can actually help you beat writer’s block when used appropriately. This is because it works a different part of the brain than the part that is dedicated to language. After a short gaming session, you can return to your work refreshed and renewed. The “word” part of your brain is rested and can return to the job at hand. The key, as with all things, is moderation.

I will not quit Internet Reversi cold turkey. That would be self-defeating. A good system would be to limit myself to a certain number of games each day, sliding them in where I feel the writing part of my brain deserves a break. What number do you think is fair?

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10 Responses to “I Play Too Much Internet Reversi”

  1. dcr says:

    I occasionally play Reversi as well, but on my Newton rather than the Internet.

  2. It has been a very long time since I have played revers. I had not thought such a thing as internet reversi existed till this post.
    Somehow, I think my productivity will also fall in the next few days.

  3. Etienne Teo says:

    I have not tried it on the internet though i occassionally play it together with my niece.

  4. Pijoo says:

    You can never play too much internet reversi. 😉

  5. Michael says:

    Its strange that you are fixed on this game as I am. I work from home as a graphics designer / programmer and often find myself playing the game as a form of distraction and relaxation. I started as a way for my stop wanting to smoke as much, instead of going out for a smoke I would just start up the game and play a few until I wanted to get back to work.

    In a most recent attempt to track my own workflow I programmed a “active window timer”, a neat little program that runs in my system tray out of mind that tracks the amount of time a window is active.

    Well what I have found that in the past 3 months I have spent a total of 323:33:05:117 (that’s hours:mins:seconds:milisec)with reversi as my active window.

    The even sicker part of this is how I found this article. I was looking for a way to clone the game so I could run multipliable game windows at once and play several people in the game all at once.


  6. Zeno says:

    I play a few games of Internet Reversi every day. Every day. So far, however, I have not whiled away the hours doing so. I can control my habit, see? In fact, let me go play a game right now, so I can prove how I can take it or leave it. Yes.

    I’ve learned to recognize some of the creeps who prefer to “play games” on-line rather than just play the damned game. These are the folks to toggle chat mode off and on rapidly so that they can send you snarkly little messages (“Oh oh!”, “Nice try”) without having to view any responses from you. When I notice that chat mode is toggling back and forth at the start of a game, I usually just hit “Find new opponent” and drop the beggar.

  7. J says:

    Uhhh…. I used to play reversi ALOT until a couple of days ago. Did MSN get rid of the game??? Im losing my mind. I can only play the computer on my phone but I want to play another person. Are there any other sites that allow you to play real people?


  8. Alastair says:

    I also seem to be having the same problem from about Dec 23rd or so. When you run the Internet Reversi built into Win XP now, all I get is cannot connect to the game server. I didn’t change anything on my firewalls etc and all my other internet access seems fine, so my conclusion is something is wrong on the game server side.

    Anybody else having a problem connecting?

    Addicted, I guess so, I am dying here, give me access to play. LOL.

  9. i need help finding a sight thought this one would help but no i find that there are alot of people looking to play with other people also if any one out there finds some thing please help me i,m tired off playing the computer ty

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