You know, I’m not entirely sure whether a certain root of all evil is going to love this movie or if he’s going to hate this movie, but one thing is for sure: John Chow is definitely going to have a strong emotional reaction to Kung Fu Panda, the upcoming animated feature from Dreamworks. Seeing how the main character is panda, I can just picture Mr. Chow reverting to his panda killer ways. Imagine him in front of a promotional display or, worse yet, surrounded by Kung Fu Panda memorabilia.

If you must know, Kung Fu Panda stars Jack Black as Po, the — you guessed it — kung fu panda. Accompanying him in the voice actor cast are Jackie Chan, Dustin Hoffman, Lucy Liu, and Angelina Jolie. It all seems pretty forced and totally out of place. Mind you, I had the same initial reaction to Over the Hedge and Meet the Robinsons, so Dreamworks could totally prove me wrong with Kung Fu Panda.

Look for this film to hit the silver screen on June 6th 2008.

Source: Slashfilm