While freelance writing is my livelihood, I’m always on the lookout for different avenues that I can take to make money online. In fact, it is partly because of my freelance writing that I come across the various deals and concepts that I do. Some are obviously more lucrative than others, no matter how unconventional they may be. Here are two that I’ve come across recently that might be worth a look. You know, in case you didn’t catch them the first time around.

Web hosting is typically pretty cheap — if you use the right coupons (JohnChowRocks) and purchase two years in advance, you can grab the Unix Mini Package from BlueFur Canada Web Hosting for less than five bucks a month — but you don’t want to waste all of that hosting space on large files you intend to share with your friends. For example, if you have a website where you provide people with free (legal) software or hefty documents, it’s a big draw on both your hosting and your bandwidth. The above mentioned Unix Mini Package, for example, gives you 1000MB of disk space.


When you want to share large files, a service like SpeedyShare can come in very handy. If you opt for the premium plan — which costs under six bucks a month — you can share files as large as 1.5GB. That’s per file, but from what I can gather, you have virtually limitless online storage. They’ll give you a custom link for each file you upload and you can either email or post that link to whoever you want. Got a custom program you want group debugged? Host in on SpeedyShare and save your bandwidth.

As mentioned, the premium account is six bucks a month, but you can recoup this cost through their referral program that sends you $3 for every premium user you refer. This commission is every month, so if you sign up at least two people, you effectively use SpeedyShare for free. I wrote a more extensive review, but the advertiser requested that I remove all the affiliate links from that review. That ticked me off, sure, but the service still seems solid. If you choose to sign up, please use this referral link. Thanks!


The second site you’ve probably already heard of. Last week, I told you about the Million Euro Wiki and how they launched a rather lucrative affiliate program. When you purchase a page — use the coupon code MichaelKwan to get ten bucks off — you are provided with a custom coupon code of your own. For every person that purchases a page using that code, you receive $30 in affiliate income. I have yet to sell a page through my coupon code, but that could be because of the uncertainty caused by the sale of the Million Euro Wiki by Bob Jones (a.k.a. John Cow) to Paul Hartrick and Neil Duckett.

Based on my experience these past couple of days, everything seems to be business as usual at the Million Euro Wiki. Paul and Neil have promised to continue the iPod Touch giveaway for every 25 pages sold, so we should be due for another giveaway (or two) very soon.

Now is THE time to buy a page at the Million Euro Wiki, because of all the buzz caused by the sale of the site.

People will be visiting frequently to check for changes and while they are there, they just might visit your page. There’s still plenty of valuable keywords available — I bought blog and used it to talk about blog money-makers — so get them while they’re still there. Again, be sure to use the coupon code MichaelKwan to get $10 off the purchase price.