People wonder what is the best way to advertise their company, product, or blog. People wonder what is the best way to receive objective feedback so that they can improve. And then I set forth a 90% off sale on paid reviews and the requests came pouring in. I’ve done three of them thus far and it sounds like all three guys have been very pleased with their respective reviews.

InvestorBlogger writes:
InvestorBlogger Blogs About Investing

After a couple of days, I received the review in good order, all 650 words of it, plus graphics, and numerous links throughout the text to the main page and to individual pages within the blog. It’s clear that he spent quite a lot of time on researching and writing the review. His inclusion of annotated graphics also suggests that he spent some time making the images!

Rea Maor writes:
Making Money With a Geeky Humorist

That’s so nice of you, thank you for the points… it’s probably the best $40 I’ve EVER spent 🙂

Adii writes:
Web 2.0 Expert Produces Gorgeous WordPress Themes

Micheal – you’re a legend reviewer! 🙂 I could not be more happy with my (small) investment for the review. This is just more evidence on why you’re doing John Chow’s reviews for him…

I’ve got at least five more reviews sitting in the queue — you know who you are — but if you want to get featured in this space, the 90% off promotion is still going on. Click here for full details.