If you think you’ve seen these five guys before, you’d be right. All five of these commentators have truly been loyal readers of Beyond the Rhetoric for some time now. In fact, three of the five top commentators for the month of September also made the list for August.

Topping the list for September is Matt Freedman, the same guy who asked for resume help. On a side note, Matt beamed three bucks my way yesterday through the buy me a beer plug-in. Thanks Matt!

Rounding out the top five are the $60 burger-eating Leo Chiang, the new blog design-owning Etienne Teo, the DadBalance-writing Derek Semmler, and the compulsively lying Alex Yang.

Thanks for keeping the discussion alive! Who will be the top commentators for October?


On an unrelated note, I’d also like to thank Dan Rua of Inflexion and PayPerPost for buying me a beer. This is the second beer that Mr. Rua has purchased for me; the first beer came in June.