It’s no secret that I like technology. Some people may even call me a geek. At the same time, I also have a healthy sense of humor and I love to laugh. In this way, you could say that the ultimate website for me would be one that focuses on technology, but one that makes it funny. Ask Rea Maor seems to be one such site.

Rea Maor is the second person to take advantage of my 90% off sale on reviews, submitting his request mere minutes after InvestorBlogger. Although they both recognize a deal when they see one, those two blogs couldn’t be more different in terms of content.

Who is Rea Maor and Why Should I Care?

Written by a geek for geeks. That seems to be the mentality behind Rea Maor‘s blog, which coincidentally carries the tagline of “Geeks and Technology”. Instead of focusing on the latest news and rumors, Ask Rea Maor is more about providing entertainment to the geeky masses. But who is Rea Maor?

According to the About page, Rea is a webmaster, sometimes-employed designer, programmer, mass spammer, internet entrepreneur, and “a great Renaissance dot-com lover!” He is employed in the Electronic Surveillance Industry, so he probably already knows what you’re doing before you do it. The 24-year-old geek lives in Israel amongst a zoo of creatures, surrounded by his 5 dogs, 9 cats, and “any girlfriend who will tolerate him.” I guess his current girlfriend is a ferret.


One Quirky Sense of Humor

Everyone’s a comedian these days. I joke around on Beyond the Rhetoric from time to time, even if I’m not all that successful at eliciting a laugh from the audience. There are some rather strange senses of humor out there, but Rea Maor has one of the quirkiest I’ve stumbled across in quite some time.

Take one of his most recent posts, “Sunday’s Spam – September 30, 2007.” In it, he shares three very strange recipes that involve spam (as in the luncheon meat)… and Viagra. He writes, “Now, that should take care of all the ED [erectile dysfunction] and Spam problems all together, by clogging their blood vessels, of course.” Might I interest you in some Viagra-coated spam tempura?


Beyond the funnies, however, are several posts that are actually quite the interesting read. If you want a unique perspective, Ask Rea Maor is a good place to look. Here are a half dozen posts that are both enlightening and humorous:

On a side note, the Adsense integration has been executed beautifully. The color blending is great, and you barely notice the Adsense link unit placed beneath each post title. It just looks like more navigation, probably resulting in more clicks.

Points for Improvement

Alas, there are obviously shortcomings to Ask Rea Maor, and just as I did with InvestorBlogger, I’ll fire them off in bullet form.

  • No obvious RSS link. You want subscribers, don’t you?
  • The header image says: “Ask anything on your mind and get unrelevant answer.” Unrelevant is not a word and even if it was, you would need to put an “an” in front of it.
  • Too many categories. Who needs 22 categories anyways?
  • The post slug to Top 48 posts is top-25-posts.
  • Navigation above the header would be useful and more conventional.
  • “Premium Links” should be placed above the fold.
  • No date/category information within posts, only on index page.
  • Empty “Brought to you by” under each post looks unprofessional.

Write For Ask Rea Maor

Apparently, he’s a pretty busy guy. So busy that he doesn’t have time to keep updating his own blog. As such, Rea Maor is reaching out to the geek community to see if anyone wants to write for Ask Rea Maor dot Com as a guest blogger. In particular, he’s looking for geeks with expertise in programming, web development, gadgets, geek hobbies, and so on. Check out this post for more details.