Many of you may already know that I do several ReviewMe reviews over at John Chow dot Com. For whatever reason, John has decided to outsource some of his reviewing duties to me, and as a freelance writer, who am I to turn down an offer like that? After all, doing the reviews on his blog has provided me with a good amount of exposure to an audience who may not otherwise know who I am.

There’s great value in ordering a review on a popular blog, especially when it’s written by an insightful writer like myself. You get all sorts of useful feedback, helping you improve your site or product, as well as several valuable backlinks that will surely aid in your SEO efforts. On the downside, a review on John Chow dot Com comes in at a very pricey $400. Many smaller businesses and blogs simply cannot afford to spend that kind of money on a single review.

So, here’s the deal. I’M WILLING TO GIVE YOU 90% OFF OF THAT PRICE. Yes, you are reading that correctly: 90% OFF!

The review will appear on Beyond the Rhetoric (a PR5 site) instead of John’s blog, but seeing how many reviews John tosses my way, you’ll be getting the same writer doing your review anyways. Instead of spending $400 over there, you can get the same review here for just forty dollars. This is a 90% savings. Even when you compare it to my regular ReviewMe price of $50, that’s still 20% off. In fact, the ReviewMe algorithm recommends that I charge $60 for a review here!

This is a limited time offer and will not be mentioned anywhere else in this blog. If you check the ReviewMe widget in the sidebar or the Advertise page in the header, you’ll see that the $50 price is still being shown. In order to take advantage of this offer, use the Contact Form and send $40 via Paypal to michael (at) michaelkwan (dot) com. Be sure to mention this post in your message.

When this offer expires is, well, up in the air. Take advantage while you can!