I don’t know about the rest of the guys, but I think I’m reasonably recovered from our dot com diet yesterday, despite the fact that we each consumed probably two days worth of calories in that one sitting. It was greasy, it was fatty, and it was delicious.

I’m a little surprised that we’re already in the middle of week, because I feel like I still have so much more to do before Friday rolls around. That’s not going to stop me from taking a break and going for a stroll through the blogosphere, however. Oh no. What’s Up Wednesdays has become somewhat of an institution here on Beyond the Rhetoric and who am I to question tradition… even if it’s only been a tradition for a couple of months.

Darren Barefoot is putting forth the proposition that if we really want to go green, we should have fewer babies. There’s a lot of talk of alternative fuels and how we are wasting away our environment, but wouldn’t our consumption level decrease dramatically if there were fewer of us? Maybe that one-child-per-couple thing in China has something to it.


Stephen Fung — the dot com mogul, not the Hong Kong singer — is asking if you want to play Halo 3. How about Halo 3 Legendary Edition, complete with the replica helmet? And what if you could have it for free? Yup, FutureLooks is giving away a copy of the hotly anticipated first-person shooter and it’s remarkably easy to enter the contest.

The Blog Beat‘s Edward is wanting to help you figure out what to write about when you have nothing to write about. Like most bloggers, Edward experiences writer’s block from time to time, but he’s got a system that’ll keep churning out quality content despite that thick sludge in your noggin.

Derek Semmler of DadBalance explains why you may or may not want to work from home, outlining 5 pros and cons of telecommuting. These points are true whether you actually work for a company and decide to pull your duties from home, or you’re an entrepreneur working for yourself. Speaking for myself, the pros outweigh the cons. I hate commuting.

Derrich must be writing some rather strange posts lately, because he wants to know why he’d get served up an Adsense ad that encourages you to try bikini waxing monkeys. You’ll have to click through to see what product that ad is trying to sell… it’s not what you think.

And so concludes another pick-me-up for mid-week blahs. Everyone’s wanting something this week and the thing that I want most is rest. And that’s what’s up this Wednesday, September 19th.