While not all of us are pulling down truckloads of cash like a certain evil panda slayer and fake Hong Kong star, dot com moguls and dot com wannabes like to indulge in some rather ridiculous food sometimes and today was just that kind of occasion. Eight of us got together on a cloudy Tuesday afternoon to attempt to consume what could be one of the world’s most expensive burgers.

Among those in attendance were Stephen Fung, John Chow, his wife Sarah Chow, Greg Morgan, Gary Ng, Ed Lau, Leo Chiang, and myself, Michael Kwan.

As you can tell from the image above, we went to Feenie’s, a casual dining establishment run by Iron Chef Rob Feenie, located on West Broadway in Vancouver. With the exception of Sarah, we all had the same thing: The Feenie Burger. The menu describes it as:

100% certified Angus beef, served medium with sauteed mushrooms, cheese and bacon. Served with fries. Extras: pan seared foie gras, beef short ribs, poutine, and salad.


We all went with the foie gras and beef short ribs additions, whereas Stephen Fung was the only brave soul to take on the poutine as well. What resulted was a massive mound of grease, fat, and an absolutely stomach-bursting number of calories. Oh, and four dipping sauces as well, including a very delicious dill mayo concoction.

The burger itself — with the cheese, bacon, and mushrooms — is actually reasonably priced at $16, including the free side of fries. The beef short rib addition, which sits below the giant beef patty, cost $7, whereas the seared foie gras served as the most expensive portion of our lunch at $25. All in all, it worked out to about $60 a person for a total bill of eight people of $500.

We came to the consensus that each of us consumed about 4000 calories in the hour and a half we were there. Honestly, I can barely move right now. Here are the pics.




And the aftermath. Yes, I finished the whole thing (except for a few of the fries, which weren’t all that great).


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