It’s the one thing about Google Reader that just rubbed me the wrong way for the longest time. When I log in my favorite RSS subscription tool, Google Reader used to only know how to count to 100. If any feed or any folder had more than 100 items in it, the dashboard would simply describe its contents as “100+”, not telling me whether that was really 101 items or 1,000,000 items. It would be difficult to discern how much reading was really waiting for me there.

Given how advanced Google has become with all of its tools — Google dominates my life, after all — it was surprising that something so small (yet important) could go overlooked. Well, Google Reader has been undergoing a few changes lately. The “loading” icon has been changed and there is now a search field for you to find long lost posts. I really like the search bar, because sometimes I’ll come across a post and forget to “star” it. Now, I can find it back without too much trouble.

Logging into my Google Reader this morning, I discovered another upgrade. Google Reader can now actually display numbers bigger than 100!


I know, I know. It’s so minor and most people aren’t going to care, but the whole “100+” business was bugging me really badly. That’s one fewer monkey on my back.