I’ve been getting quite a few free t-shirts lately. I got a few at the AMD/Microsoft Tech Tour. And then I received a fun tee from 1234 Pens. Shortly after that, I got a pair of shirts from Zac Johnson, followed by a tee that asks about the size of your package. More recently, Shawn Knight shipped an OCIA shirt my way. At this pace, I may never have to buy another t-shirt ever again.

Well, just when I thought the torrential rainfall of shirts was coming to a end, a parcel got dropped off at my door from one Derek Semmler. I entered one of this contests a while back and I ended up being one of the winners. The reward? A kickass ShoeMoney tee that got squished into a tiny brick of cotton. Yes, I fear the wrinkles.



Thanks again, Derek. You rock!