John Chow is man known by many names. Some people may refer to him as a dot com mogul. Others say that he is the root of all evil. But to those near and dear to him, John Chow is an evil panda killer. And I have proof.

To make matters even more interesting, John Chow doesn’t care what the circumstances are. The context doesn’t matter, because he’s always willing to club a baby panda to death with stones, sticks, or any other dangerous object within arm’s reach. Yes, even at his daughter’s first birthday, John found the time to not only hunt down a panda, but stab it to bloody smithereens using a knife that would make Crocodile Dundee jealous.

“You call that a knife? This is a knife.”

john chow with a big knife

No, that’s not a PhotoShop. That really is how John looks in real life. After finding the tool of his trade, John went on the prowl until he found an unsuspecting and defenseless panda. The poor soft creature didn’t know what hit it. And look at the smile on Chow’s face. He’s really enjoying this, isn’t he?

john chow stabs panda

In all seriousness, Sally’s first birthday was fun. It was held at West Side Family Place in Vancouver, which is really just an old house that has been converted into a children’s daycare/playcare. Other bloggers in attendance included Ed Lau, Stephen Fung, Greg Morgan, and Jeff Kee (shown above with his Communism-spreading shirt… I kid, I kid)..

Happy birthday, Sally Chow! Now can you please stop judging me?

sally chow’s first birthday