rss subscriber count at 144

I don’t want to jinx anything, but I think Beyond the Rhetoric is on the verge of a rather monumental milestone. In the past, I talked about how you can increase RSS subscribers by 60% overnight and an evil way to increase RSS subscriber count… and now it seems like the fruits of my labour are starting to show just a little.

As you can see through the picture above, 144 people accessed Beyond the Rhetoric via full feed RSS yesterday. That’s just 6 shy of 150! I remember when I got all excited about breaking into triple digits and now I’m well on my way to 150. If things continue to go the way that they’re going, I could hit 200 by the time Santa makes his rounds. Sweet. Seeing how I cracked the Technorati Top 10K about a month ago too, it seems like things are looking bright around here.

Big thank you to anyone who added me to their Technorati Favorites, subscribed to the RSS feed, or otherwise contributed to the community that’s starting to form in this space. Extra big thanks to all the usuals… you know who you are. 🙂

UPDATE (09/08/07): As predicted by Gregg Gordon, I have now cracked the Alexa top 100k. Should my next goal be 50k or 10k? 🙂