With a little advice from Nate Whitehill, the same guy that completely redesigned John Chow dot Com, I’ve decided to give free backlinks to anyone who enjoys reading Beyond the Rhetoric. There is a small caveat, of course.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I just installed the Get Recent Comments WordPress plug-in, tweaking it slightly to only look for trackbacks, adjusting the output to suit my needs. Just underneath the main Beyond the Rhetoric banner at the top of this page, you’ll find a link that reads something like “Site XYZ loves Beyond the Rhetoric!”

Beyond the Rhetoric - Free backlink!

In order to get your site featured at the top of every page on Beyond the Rhetoric, simply send a pingback to any of my posts. The plug-in doesn’t seem to recognize incoming links to the homepage (btr.michaelkwan.com), because these links don’t result in a “comment” within a post. It is the Recent Comments plug-in, after all.

To get twice the bang for your buck, you should enter the contest to win an iPod nano. In order to enter the random draw for the 4GB nano, you have to link to this blog and Ed’s blog anyways, so you might as well send a pingback to a single post too and get an automatic free backlink. There’s less than one week left in that contest (but the backlink deal is semi-permanent).

Keep sending those trackbacks and you’ll keep seeing your name at the top of this page. This is just my way of saying thanks to the Beyond the Rhetoric community. 🙂