Super affiliate Zac Johnson has been a loyal reader of Beyond the Rhetoric for a while now. He’s an active commentator, having made the top five list for three months in a row. Check it out: he was the second most prolific commentator in May, the third chattiest in June, and the top dog in July. Based on how things are going so far in August, I fully expect him to make the top five for this month as well.

Anyways, as you may or may not remember, Zac announced early last month that he would have a ton of stuff to give away from the Ultimate Affiliate Summit and that he would offer up free prizes to anyone who helped promote the contest. Well, I included him in one of my What’s Up Wednesdays posts. I almost forgot about that post altogether until the mail delivery person came a-rapping at my door this morning.

What I got was a soft envelope with my name on it. In the corner, I saw a green customs form saying that the package contained t-shirts. Interestingly, there was no return address on the envelope itself, so I had no idea where it came from. With no fear of anthrax, I tore the package open to discover not one, but two t-shirts, as well as a Google yo-yo, three promotional pens, and the business card of none other than Zac Johnson. I guess you saw that coming, eh?

super affiliate zac johnson delivers two t-shirts, a yo-yo, three pens, and a business card

Thanks Zac for the gear! I’ll wear these great t-shirts proudly around Vancouver to help promote and

Things like this go to show you that a big part of blogging isn’t necessarily about creating quality content, building readership, or monetizing your site. It’s about making friends and although Zac is on the other side of the continent, I consider him to be a blogging buddy. After all, we have similar interests… like gambling. But he’s much more of a high roller than I am.