It’s another lazy Sunday and Roy the bunny likes nothing more than to kick back and relax, maybe munch on an apple or two. He’s not as young and energetic as he used to be, so he mostly prefers napping over, you know, doing stuff. He has his spurts of energy, to be sure, but for the most part, he’s a pretty lazy rabbit.

Anyways, you may recall that a few days ago, I found a video on YouTube that showed someone hypnotizing a rabbit. I asked if Danielle would be able to do that with Binky and she promptly replied:

what the…?! no WAY! LOL that’s crazy. binky would not be having that…especially on video. it looks like a stuffed animal! binky doesn’t let me pick him up, he’s one of those nervous types

I have no trouble picking Roy up and he seems pretty comfortable when I cradle him in my arms like a baby, so Susanne and I thought that we’d try this “hypnotize a bunny” trick too. Well, Roy didn’t cooperate with lying on a table, but after calming him down some (petting him on the head), he could be coaxed to lie on his back in our laps. Here’s video proof.

I poked his lucky rabbit’s foot near the end to prove that Roy has not been substituted for a stuffed animal. So, Danielle, wanna give Binky a shot?