Although our iPod nano giveaway has only been live for about a week, Ed Lau and I have received over 100 suggestions for our new hockey site. Huge thanks to everyone who has participated thus far!

We’ve been asked by more a few individuals about the second requirement in the contest. In addition to emailing your domain ideas to, we asked that you make a post on your own blog following these link instructions:

Make a post on your blog about this contest. Link to Michael’s blog ( using the anchor text “freelance writing” and to Ed’s blog ( using “personal blog.” Please link to this contest page as well, but don’t mention your domain idea in your post, because some goober might go and register it on us, effectively nullifying your entry.

We’ve been told that not everyone has a blog. So, we’ve decided to change up the rules ever so slightly. When you email us your hockey blog domain idea, you get entered in the main contest for the black 8GB iPod nano. The best name, as judged by Ed and I, will get that premium prize. You do not need to write a blog entry to qualify for that part of the contest.

However, if you would like to be included in the random draw for the 4GB nano, you will need to put up a post on your own blog following the linking instructions outlined above. If blue isn’t your color, that’s not a problem either because the blue 4GB iPod nano can be exchanged for any other color that the 4-gigger is available in. The 8GB nano only comes in black.

One other thing we should mention. Please include the link to your blog post in the e-mail you send to This way, we can verify and confirm your entry as soon as possible.

Keep those suggestions (and backlinks) coming. Good luck!

Click here for full contest details.