I haven’t had a chance to participate in the whole Guitar Hero craze yet, but I can see the appeal of rhythm games like it. After all, during my days at university, I was known to play quite a few Bemani and Andamiro rhythm music games at the arcade, including Drum Mania, Guitar Freaks, Pump it Up, and yes, even Dance Dance Revolution. I’m interested in Rock Band for the PlayStation 3 — there’s two guitars (one regular, one bass), a drum set, and a microphone involved — but what about taking that jam session on the road?

There have been rumors floating about for some time about a Guitar Hero port to the Nintendo DS, but up until now, we’ve had no real idea of how Activision was going to bring the franchise to the touch-tastic portable gamer. Well, if this concept by Dan Moore is any indication, Guitar Hero DS could actually be pretty fun. Even if you’re going to look like a total goof on the subway.

guitar hero ds concept

I’m assuming that the attachment plugs into the GBA port on the Nintendo DS, as does the whammy bar. When you start to get a little too into it, following the colored button sequence might prove to quite the squinting challenge. Maybe I should just stick to Contra, Ninja Turtles, or Mortal Kombat. Oh wait, those violent video games may transform me into a bad person… *rollseyes*

Source: Kotaku