Another month, another list of top commentators. Here are some shout outs to July’s top commentators.

July’s top dog was Super Affiliate Zac Johnson with 37 comments. He recently wrote on the top 30 entrepreneurs under 30. He even met one of the guys on the list! In other major news, Zac discusses the acquisition of AuctionAds by MediaWhiz. Think your blog is hot stuff? Then maybe you should take a gander at the most expensive domain names. Can you guess what’s number one?

Coming in at second place was Chris from Chrisblogging.com. He was only a few comments away from being number one for July. Over at his blog, Chris talked about the technical side of blogging, saying figuring out the design and coding side of things isn’t as hard as you may think! Sure, content is king, but it’s got to look good too.

Rounding out the top five for the month of July 2007 are Alex from Usman’s World, Cooliojones from My New Hustle, and Matt Freedman from Mattsblog.ca.

Thanks again to everyone who left a comment during the month of July and contributed to the conversation. Want a free linkback from a PR5 blog that ranks within Technorati’s top 10K? Then voice your opinion here and you might appear in August’s Top Commentators recap post.