To some people, this may be a fairly minor achievement, but I am very happy to announce that Beyond the Rhetoric is officially one of the 10,000 most popular blogs on the Internet, according to my Technorati ranking.

It’s been a long (and fun) journey, but things have really picked up these past couple of months. It wasn’t that long ago that I cracked the top 20K. I can only imagine going into the top 5K, top 1K, and top 100 will be ridiculously more difficult.

I’d like to thank everyone who has been sending backlinks my way, especially people who are participating in geeky link trains and blogging tips memes. Very much appreciated!

Maybe with this growing popularity, an upcoming contest will get a heck of a lot more exposure than the three entries I got in the T-shirt contest. Having two huge prizes valued at over $180 each… well, I guess that doesn’t hurt either. Stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed so you’ll know exactly what’s going on.

You might be the next big winner! (And get some link love from a PR5, Technorati top 10k blog too.)