Remember a little while back when I asked what Dragon Mail was? Turns out that it could be some sort of pay-to-surf or pay-to-click program and that is the source of some invalid Adsense clicks on my blog. I just got an email from Google and it reads as follows. This is making me a sad panda.

Hello Michael Kwan,

It has come to our attention that invalid clicks or impressions have been generated on the Google ads on your site(s) through users of third-party programs paid or provided with other incentives to visit your site. Such programs include, but are not limited to auto-surf, pay-to-surf, pay-to-read, or pay-to-click sites.

Please bear in mind that if we continue to detect invalid clicks or impressions from these services on your ads, we may disable your account to protect our advertisers. In addition, we may adjust your future payments for any days during which invalid clicks occurred in order to properly credit advertisers for any invalid activity.

We understand that you may wish to receive specific information regarding the invalid activity we observed on your account. However, due to the proprietary nature of our algorithm, we cannot disclose any details about how our monitoring technology works or what specifics we found on your account.

As a reminder, any method of generating invalid clicks or impressions is strictly prohibited by our Terms and Conditions and program policies:

For your reference, you can find tips and guidelines for keeping your account in good standing by visiting our Help Center at


The Google AdSense Team

Does anyone know how to block a site from referring traffic your way?